Clients are Saying

Genuine charisma and warmth... and highly strategic approach to assessing opportunities in the market

Matthew is an incredibly talented real estate agent whom I would highly recommend to any family member or friend interested in purchasing residential real estate in San Francisco. What differentiates Matthew from the many real estate agents I've come across, apart from his British accent, is his genuine charisma and warmth - not false bravado or friendliness, as is quite common in the industry - and highly strategic approach to assessing opportunities in the market. Matthew guided my partner and I through each stage of the house search, from brainstorming and defining our search criteria, to finding properties that aligned with our preferences, to scrutinizing every paragraph of multiple disclosure packages, and ultimately preparing a successful offer on our dream home in Duboce Triangle.  

As a first-time homebuyer, I was thrilled that Matthew essentially provided a crash-course guide to residential real estate investing in San Francisco, which has a real learning curve even for someone with a background in finance. Matthew is very good at clearly communicating complex ideas - often quickly performing impressive mental math in his head to assess value or risk - which made it that much easier for us to develop a nuanced understanding of the market that was necessary to make competitive offers. If you want to work with a highly intelligent, personable real estate expert who genuinely cares about you and will always go the extra mile (for example, talk with you for three hours late at night because you want to understand every possible risk identified in a disclosure packet and submit a perfect offer the next day) then choose Matthew Goulden. 

I swear I wasn't paid to write this. Matthew is that good! ;-)
—Daniel B.